The Foundation



Our focus is the connectivity and community in healthcare with trust, world-wide and anytime. Our goal is to build the healthcare ecosystem on the blockchain for all of us, to provide crucial knowledge where it is needed.

PharmaTrace is a blockchain based ecosystem where the pharmaceutical industry comes together and does better business based on a common distributed ledger. It is secure, fast, efficient, trustful, agile, cross-interactive, cost-saving and easy to install. Our ecosystem is built on a de-centralized network, utilizing the latest blockchain technology, thus providing high-level data security, complete traceability and simplified process pathways at both local and global levels.

Our bleeding edge platform leverages the blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning, to protect supply chains, data exchange and integrity, in transaction channels, while also providing cost saving models and business operation upscale.

At PharmaTrace, we are the technical foundation to network the entire Healthcare Ecosystem for increased security and efficiency throughout the system.