Smart Contract is the tech backbone of our PharmaTrace Ecosystem , implemented in Hyperledger Fabric.

  • Guarantee for the integrity of shared information and by this, it
  • replaces the slow and expensive traditional trust building process.
  • Layering AI, ML/DL, IoT, and blockchain ensures a real-time record of business transactions, environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, time stamp), enhanced communication efficiency, and increased transparency
  • rewards for data sharing and data use, which can be optimized over time and experience.

The PharmaTrace Ecosystem is built with no pre-existing technical liabilities.

One central design feature is easy integration with existing infrastructure, whether a corporations SAP® system or a hospital’s custom software. Two-stage architecture is implemented throughout the process in order to ensure smooth inter-blockchain communication.


A collection of blockchain open source projects with a strong focus on secure business use cases, curated by the Linux Foundation with the goal to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. Contributors to this collaborative effort include global leaders in information technology, manufacturing, supply chains, banking, finance and IoT. PharmaTrace currently uses Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Cello and Hyperledger Composer. In the future, we will add Hyperledger Quilt to facilitate inter-blockchain transactions.

Hyperledger Fabric is the core technology inside PharmaTrace Nodes, which build up the PharmaTrace Member Network and our Ecosystem. It provides robust, battle proven technology to build up a private permissioned blockchain network, creating a collective distributed ledger, while still allowing single members or smaller groups of members to create additional private ledgers that cannot be accessed by the rest of the network.

This fine-grained control over information sharing offers the opportunity to confidently exchange information that improves overall efficiency in collaborating with business partners, without the risk of exposing vital data, while benefiting from token rewards to data sharing & data use.


The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications (Dapps), which support industrial scale applications, while lowering or eliminating transaction fees and ensuring millions of transactions per second. All in a safe and secure ecosystem.

Like an operating system, EOSIO (the software infrastructure behind EOS) provides accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across multiple hardware instances. Its strength lies in scalability, low latency and parallel processing wherever possible. EOSIO achieves this with their hallmark delegated-proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Other than Hyperledger Fabric, EOS is an open blockchain that even allows economic transactions by autonomous programs, facilitating many IoT use cases.